About the Travelers Network

The Travelers Network is a community website for travelers to meet up with each other, blog, share photos, and get information about local businesses. It combines in one system travel blogging, reviews of attractions, and a social network for travelers to meet and keep friends on the road.

The Travelers Network is designed to offer a fully integrated experience, between the map on most pages, users' blogs, public locations, their comments and photos. Every blog entry has a location, which updates your blog map with another point in your path, and (at your discretion) to act simultaneously as a review of the place you visited. As you travel, the map will tell you where other travelers are nearby, and as you meet travelers, you can add them as friends to see where they're going and read their opinions of places you might want to go.

As a cooperative, it's also a way for backpackers to help fund part of their trips. In exchange for helping the Travelers Network get local businesses to sign up to advertise on the site, we will pay you a large portion of the proceeds. We are also considering ways to distribute the profits of Travelers Network for just using the site: blogging, uploading photos, editing locations, and writing helpful reviews.

This site is currently in alpha! It is undergoing rapid, and sometimes buggy, development. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the Contact Us page!

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