Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Travelers Network?
The Travelers Network is a community website for travelers to meet up with each other, blog, share photos, and get information about local businesses. It's also a cooperative to help backpackers to fund their trips.
Who is the Travelers Network for?
The Travelers Network is for anyone! You can use the Travelers Network if you are taking a vacation to upload photos, blog about your trip, and keep your friends at home posted on what you are doing. If you are a backpacker/longer vacationer (at least one month), you can also use the "Fund your Travels" portion of the website.
What are the different parts of the website?
  • - blog pages
  • - info pages for locations, attractions, etc with reviews and comments
  • - fund your travels
What are the posting guidelines?
You are free to post anything you want in your blog. On public pages such as forums, please be respectful of others and don't do anything really dumb.
How much does it cost?
It's free! -- paid for by ads, found by your fellow travelers.


How do I post to my blog?
Once you make an account and log in, you will be see a navigation menu on the right side of the page. Click "view my blog" and you will be able to see your blog and make new entries.
How do I add images to my blog postings?
When you are writing a blog entry, you will have the option of uploading an image. You can also add an image later by clicking "Edit" under a blog entry.
How do I find my old blog entries?
Click "archives" under blog in the right sidebar.


How do I find friends?
As you travel, nearby members of the site will show up based on their recent public activity. Or, you can meet travelers on the road, and get them to join!
How can I read my friend's blogs?
You can read someone's blog if it is public or if you are friends with them and they have made their blog available to friends. To view a friend's blog, type their name in the search box at the top of any page and click 'go'.


What are places?
Places can be many things: restaurants, attractions, sight-seeing points, statues, parks. If it's a public place, you and others can review and comment on it for everyone to see. Or, you can have private places just for your blog.
How do I add a place to the public forums?
Click on the "New location" link at the bottom of any of the region pages. You can use the tutorial link at the top of that page for specific instructions.
How do I find places?
You can find a place by searching or navigating through the region pages.

Funding your travel/Advertising

How can I fund my trip?
By helping us find new advertisers! As you travel, you may encounter _local_ businesses and shops that you particularly like. You sign up with us, get a code, and give a flyer with that code to businesses telling them how to sign up to advertise on the site. You get 50% of the profits for the first month of any ads you get. Soon, you'll also be able to earn money for simply using the site while you are traveling!
How much money can I make?
For any company that you get to sign up with us, you make %50 of the first month's profits. This amount will grow as the site grows.
Where does the rest of the money go?
Currently, the other half of the advertising proceeds are going directly to supporting the website. This will help the website grow and become sustainable. Eventually, we hope to increase the percentage of advertising profits that go to backpackers as much as possible.
What's with the advertising?
We use our ads to fund the website and the travelers who help us get them. For now, we are using Google ads to get the website going. But we hope to change over to only showing "local" ads as soon as possible! We plan to ask members to drop off some flyers about the site in places they visit and would recommend to their friends. If the company accepts, half of the money goes back to the traveler, and the site's users get to see local, traveler-approved businesses on the site rather than generic Google ads.
What companies are okay for advertising?
We ask members to be somewhat selective. You should choose places that you would generally recommend to a friend. They should also be local businesses, by which we mean they should not be transnational corporations. Also, you might want to particularly focus on businesses that will be useful to travelers, such as hostels, bike rental and tour companies, and restaurants. This should be easy, because you'll be frequenting these places as a traveler, yourself!
How do I sign up?
Sign up on the website to receive all the materials you need, such as fliers to give to businesses with your personal ID #. When businesses contact us to advertise and give us your ID #, you get half the revenues for the first month of ads!
How do I get paid?
You will be paid through a paypal account. If this is not possible and you would like to participate, contact us and we'll try to work something out.