Fund Your Travels

The Travelers Network will help fund you while you are backpacking!

All you have to do is find local businesses to advertise on this site. In return, you receive 50% of the first month's ad revenue!

Here's how it works:

1) Sign up below to receive a Personal ID Number (PIN). (First sign up for a Paypal account if you don't have one already!)
2) Print out flyers which have your PIN at the top.
3) As you travel, you will visit many local shops and other businesses. Distribute flyers in places that you liked and think other travelers would like to visit, too. Think hostels, restaurants, attractions, etc.
4) If a company signs up as an advertiser on the website, they will give us your PIN and you receive half of the ad revenues for the length of time of the ad!

Guidelines for Approaching Businesses

- Act friendly and respectful!
- Consider asking for permission before putting up flyers. Use your judgment here.
- Example: "Hi, My name is ___, and I work with a website for travelers called The Travelers Network. I think visitors to the site would benefit from hearing about this place. Would you like a flyer explaining how you can advertise on the site?"

Rules for Choosing Businesses

- Any business that advertises here must be a local business, not a multinational corporation. (You can't ask McDonalds, Paris to advertise here!)
- Choose businesses that you liked and would recommend to your friends.
- Businesses should be potentially useful to travelers.

More Ideas and Tips

- You might consider attractions, museums, restaurants, clothing stores, tour companies, bus lines, or any other local businesses that you encounter.
- Look for public bulletin boards.
- Carry flyers with you whenever possible. The more you give out, the greater likelihood some will respond.

More questions?

View the FAQ or Contact us for more info.