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July 06, 06:46 AM

Yesterday we went to Mississippi and we grated warmly by the bird and wildlife rescue center staffed by Californians. This center rescued birds after hours and had 14 that were being treated by a small staff. For the first time, we got the sense the volunteers were appreciated and this group had organizational experience. However the Californian techniques could not be applied to Mississippi because of the state regulations, and again, we were blocked by red tape. We could not be trained that day and the person responsible for such logistics would not be available until alter Monday afternoon. With that in mind, we left the rescue center and headed to Alabama where the oil map indicated disaster areas. Quick stop at the Outlets to er, stimulate the economy?

Once in Mobil, a large city, we took pictures along the beaches and then made our way to the coastal islands Dauphin. En route we ate a fantastic places called Liquid Lounger the OK Bicycle Shop. We enjoyed margaritas flavored with hibiscus, basil and chipotle pepper. A bit tipsy by 9pm we didn’t successfully find any professionally fireworks display. However, he heard kids staying at Motel6 setting off firecrackers well into the night.

Today we went to the Dauphin shoreline. Here the base camp was set up in an elementary school’s playground near the ocean. We walked down toward the water on the board walk, and again saw children with bird feathers in hand. O’Rilies was the outfit working the shore line and we saw many reflective vests and porto-potties but no tyveck suites.

Exhausted by our mission, Perry and Jesse transitioned into sigh seeing mode while James and I still tried to make headway talking to the organizers. Around 1pm we began the 14 hour drive back. I hope that we can go through NC and see Rachel or Aviva. I guess it depends on traffic….

August 12, 2010 11:02
Hey, do you have any photos to post from your trip
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