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August 06, 01:36 PM
Athens greece

The city sparkled in a light my parents did not experience while here in  the 1970s. Our hotel is bathed in opulence,hosting Winston Churchill and other more contemporary celebrities whose name we cannot disclose because of our failed pop-culture knowledge. 

We toured the acropolis in the noon sun which had the advantage of detouring other tourists and we moved quickly in the heat (2 hours)with our knowledgable guide. By fancy mini bus we traveled to the highest peak in the city (300metes) and then explored more on foot with a self guided tour: first to the palace gardens, then the olympic stadium, temple of Zeus and the agora.  We had a traditional but terrible lunch on the first day of souvlaki which was redeemed by the tasty food at a cute vegetarian place called Avocado the following day.

More always needs to be said of food and accordingly, Noah has been documenting every dish we eat. He will hopefully post the pictures soon on a blog or to a select group on facebook with the proposed album name of “your food is good but mine in feta”. The breakfasts at the Grande Bretagne are not to be beat which poses an interesting contrast to the typical morning meal for most Greeks of coffee and sesame pastry/pretzel.  The diet in the country has shifted from a large hot lunch meal around 2pm and dinner around 10pm to accommodate the patterns of office workers who now have a smaller meal or sandwich around 2 and the main meal of the day closer to 7 after work, followed by a late night snack before bed around 1am.  Our tour guide offered that parents are now encouraging kids to eat breakfast. 

On a related note, there has been some discussion of the changing climate here. A shorter and more intense rainy seasons as well as numerous comments about the “changing winds.”

Tomorrow we leave the lux lifestyle and head to Napflion which we hope to enjoy as a quietly beautiful place, with ruins and historic politicsl power, and stay at a pension for more a more modest steam room free experience of independent travel.

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